How can you know if your pipes are already worn out


We can’t live forever, there is no argument about that. Similarly in that vein of perishability, your plumbing wouldn’t last forever, especially our plumbing pipes. As the years come and go, the winters, the summers, the Yuletides, our pipes would age just like we do naturally.

In time, corrosion would set in and your pipes would begin to leak. The inconvenience of worn out pipes stretches into you paying more for your water bills which is really worrisome. But all these inconveniences can be saved if you notice early enough that your pipes are already deteriorating and worn out- then you change them appropriately.

Pipes would end up bursting, leaking with the erosion that comes. You have to watch out for this.This doesn’t necessarily mean you are negative, but keeping an anticipatory eye out for your plumbing will help you notice quickly when they are due to be repaired.

Standard practice stipulates that you should check your plumbing at least once in every twelve months. Surely your pipes shouldn’t last past 50 years without having suffered intensive wear and tear. But before that 50 years deadline, your plumbing can develop problems much quicker than that. How can you know?

Some of the common signs that time is ticking for you to replace your plumbing signs are your walls getting smeared with brown stains. These stains could even stretch as far as your ceilings. Such stains are a strong indication of increased soil moisture which is common when your drainage pipes start having issues.

Another way you can know that your pipes are already getting worn out is the color of your water. Try pay observation to the color of the water you scoop from your bathtub or even the water you fill in your cup from your tap. If the water has a bit of brownish discoloration to it, you know your pipes are already getting rusted. It is not always brown, sometimes you can also tell that your pipes are already corroding from a yellowish discoloration in your water. All these are loud signs that you should get a plumbing contractor to come fix your drainage issues precisely replacing your worn out pipes.

Another way to tell that your pipes are due for replacement is when your faucet continuously drips for a long time after use. It could be that you took a shower, or you even simply washed your hands. Yes, a few drops could drip after you are done from the faucet, no problem, that is quite normal. But when this dripping of water from the faucet extends to somewhere like nine minutes, you already know there is a problem. All these could point down to the existence of sustained damages to your pipes.

Over time your pipe would rust, it would leak and those debris that have been flushed down ( even those tiny particles that accumulate in the pipes) over the years, will cause your pipe to wear. It could then be time to get things fixed.

Have any issues with your pipes or general drainage, feel free to give us a call immediately, wait no further. You deserve the best of comfort in your home.

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