Never make the mistake of tolerating termites in your home

termite problems

Every house owner definitely takes pride in the elegance of his property, we wouldn’t argue that. Therefore it is just the normal for us to be upset and concretely disturbed when we begin to notice that our property is sliding into despair and damage. One of those miserable moments for house owners is when you begin to notice that termites are already making a huge mess of your home.

Termites are terrible and no good guests at your home. Another baffling thing is that termites can be very discrete about their existence and operation. They are not the noise making loud type common home rodents like rats. Termites go about their daily expeditions destroying your home quietly and you may not know easily.

Worse still termites have a gigantic capacity to multiply. Within a span of two or three years, a little swarm of termites can amazingly balloon up multiplying into tens of thousands of termites. And they can carefully manage their food, cloaking their existence. This makes eradicating them all the way harder.

The most worrisome thing about damages to our homes from termites is the spontaneity of such damage. In reality, termites can inflict so massive a scale of destruction to your property in so little time. Therefore complacency in tackling the menace of termites is one you would surely not go unpunished for as a house owner.

It is thus essential to be the defensive aptly against the invasion of termites. But more than all these, let us typically look at what you should fear pertaining to termite attack on your property.

Don’t think ever feel your foundation would be spared from the ferocity of termite attack. Termites will make particularly make a humiliating mess of the post and pier foundation type. This type of foundation from the nature of their construction is even more vulnerable to increased catastrophe in the event of a termite attack. Commonly, posts and piers foundations come with non-uniform distribution of the weight. This can prompt sagging and tilting. With this weakness already in place, a termite attack would escalate the melee with their infamous burrowing possibly leading to a collapse of your floors.

Examine these standard statistics: a full-sized colony of termite has the capacity to eat half a foot of wooden 2×4’s every three months. Isn’t this baffling? Sure it is cause for concern.  When a pack of such hungry termites besieges your home on the hunt for food, you are in big trouble if you let them have a free reign and generous hospitality. Subterranean termites are the most masterful when it comes to diligent burrowing and destruction. They would even infest your home aside destroying the structural integrity of your foundations.

Termite attacks can spill from just your foundation as far up your walls, your ceilings hand even your windows. This can show in the permeation of cracks around these regions. One of such reasons for these cracks is that your foundation is already losing its balance and on the eventual path of giving away.

You are right to worry about termites, you shouldn’t ever give them a welcome party to your home. Attack them back as soon as they attack. A foundation expert would be in the best place to help you combat the menace of termites. Why don’t you reach out to us today for the safety of your home?

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