Are droughts also dangerous to your foundation?


Drought and floods are water parallels that are wanted by no one. Flood brings instant devastation and damages at a flashing impatience, while drought takes sustained time to wreak its devastation. Either way, droughts are still disastrous not only to man and living things but even to inanimate things as well especially our homes.

While it is not conspicuously alarming, droughts are not best friends with the foundation of your home. Aside from the brown coloration, wilting flowers, dying plants and all that comes with droughts, your foundation can also be wounded. These structural injuries could be so heavy and you end up spending bulk of dollars to heal the damages inflicted on your foundation. However, a preemptive inspection of your foundation could save you a whole lot. Let us look at some ways in which droughts can mete havoc on the foundation of your home.

The effects of floods on your foundation can be combated with a planned construction of gutters and all that to ferry the excess water away, not very much can be done to alleviate the effects of droughts in your building truly. When for example the soil of your home gets extensively, cracks may be provoked. The situation could worsen from there if the rain doesn’t come in or an artificial irrigation is performed on the soil shrinking from the damaging drought.

Typically when drought sets in for a prolonged period of time, the stability and the solidity of your foundation can be affected from the compacting of the soil around your foundation. This if allowed to run on, can lead to the settling of your partition wall. And if this is allowed to go on unchecked, in no time the drywall may slump as well as the strong possibility of your concrete slab suffering the same unfortunate fate.

The situational effects of drought are even more disastrous if the soil of your foundation is the expansive type. This kind of expansive soil is common with the clay soil. When there is drainage of water and consequent absorption by the soil, the expansive soil would swell and shrinks alternatively. By the repeated contraction and expansion of the soil, gaps may be created around the boundaries of your foundation. Such vacuum may cause the foundation of your home to settle in a way that it is not uniform. This would eventually hurt your foundation.

Do you even know that drought conditions can incite flooding in the basement of your home? Yes, it does! Don’t forget the cracks that you have in your foundation can prompt water to be logged in by continuous seeping of water culminating in a flood attack on the basement of your house.

By the time you start seeing cracks on your walls, you already have a strong indication that things are badly deteriorating below with your foundation. But things don’t have to get that bad if you take a wise preemptive step to combat the destructive impacts of drought on your foundation. A stitch in time has the curative capacity to prevent more nine stitches coming in. Therefore call us today, your trusted foundation repair experts to come fix things before they spin out of control.




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