Common plumbing problems you could face as a house owner


It is always fun moving into a new home and all that frenzy of newness. Everything is fresh and exciting but surely it is not going to last forever. As time passes on, problems are going to surface. The most common that you would face quicker are plumbing problems. Let us look at the plumbing problems that would most likely first give you your first headache as a houseowner.

Your tap could go leaking

Your tap is very quick to face the brunt of time and is therefore susceptible to leaking. One of the common circumstances that could prompt a leaking tap is when your washer suffers extensive wear causing your tap to leak infinitely even after the water has been put off. Your faucet could still also be guilty as many faucets from their design do little good in helping you to locate the washer. And worse still, you don’t want to stubbornly probe on and possibly destroy the faucet. A professional repair is a better way out.

There is the headache of a broken toilet

Problems with your toilet are not too uncommon. These problems with your toilet may be associated with a broken sewage pipe, or in other conditions, your pipes may be suffering an obstruction. Toilet problems may come in the replacement of a bad toilet seal. One advice here is that toilet problems are very fragile and would demand professional expertise in most situations. In trying to fix things yourself, you could risk the danger of aggravating things further spilling mess about your bathroom, or your surroundings.

In other cases, your pipes may be frozen

Pipes do suffer a lot of havoc from frost. The laughable (largely inadequate) solution to frost that many homeowners hastily rush at is heating things up. This is wrong and it wouldn’t always correct things by melting the frost away as you would think on impulse. The careless application of heat to your pipes commonly through blow torches could result in uglier situations and further plumbing disasters.

You may not be having enough hot water

Sometimes it gets really annoying and it seems the water is taking all eternity to heat up. The problem may not be that it is at low temperature as you can quickly confirm from your thermostat. In such case where there is a slow pace of water heating (or no heating at all), then it could be a deep problem with your water heater. What can then cause problems for your water heater? It could be that some sediments or residue are clogging thing up in the water line, it could also be inadequacy from the gas lines.

So these are the common plumbing problems you are likely to face as time runs on in your home. While it is bold and audacious trying to fix these problems yourself with common sense, it is not the wisest thing to do however. Plumbing problems are delicate and any quackery in repair could worsen the situation, aggravating the problem and causing you further misery. Only an expert should be allowed to handle your plumbing issues. Call us today if you have plumbing or foundation problems, providing solution is our hobby!


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